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Automation for Sportsbooks is Crucial.

Content automation and curated data is key to an impactful acquisition and retention strategy. Transition from purely transactional relationships to engaging experiences that facilitate return visits and loyalty. Additionally, automating data output for pricing support is key to time saving and efficiencies for trading teams.

Quarter4 offers multiple data solutions for the SportsBook including PreGame, InGame MicroMarkets and Live Betting Data as well as endless niche markets driven by our Aritifical Intelligence.

Fantasy Sports

Daily and Seasonal Fantasy is the place to play. Your audience is always looking for the best data and content to support their research and decision making. Quarter4 now delivers 100% automated predictive analysis for seasonal, weekly and daily fantasy, for all major US sports.

The LineUp Optimizer:

  • Multi-optional stacking strategies (ie same team stacking)
  • Allows for both inclusions and exclusions of players
  • Allows up to 10 multi-lineup returns
  • Supports DraftKings Classic and Captain’s Showdown
  • Supports FanDuel standard

Other Key Features:

  • Includes DraftKings and FanDuel fantasy points rules including bonus projections
  • AI indicates trending players (hottest and sleepers) as well as bonuses
  • Filter by position and by DraftKings or FanDuel to create your own games
  • Integrate our Top 10 projections for quick review by your audience
  • Predictive analysis updated every 15 minutes throughout the season
  • Available for: NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB
  • Integration is seamless with Quarter4’s full support

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