Stay ahead of the game with expert matchup and predictive player content that targets any fan or bettor.


  • View Predicted Win/Loss, Spread, Over/Under and Seasonal Win/Loss Record for any team or player.
  • Allure your betting audience and sport fans with exceptional detail.
  • Player predictive insights go deep into these details including; Total Field Goals Made, Free Throws Made, Total Points, Personal Fouls and more.
  • Our Hottest Props (predicted top performers) and our Diamonds in the Rough (predicted players to have a breakout game) is the differentiated content you need. 
  • Let your bettors determine their next move with actionable insights that drive conversion.
  • Criteria capabilities are fully customizable, making it easy to reach the end user and build brand loyalty.

Deep-dive analytics generate new users while retaining existing, all through a centralized hub.


  • Team Seeding trajectory allows users to feel confident every time, with details including; Current win/loss record going into the next game, Predicted seeding in the league going into the next game and more. 
  • Minimize integration efforts with real-time updates and no-code dynamic plugins that automatically generate content.
  • Help users achieve their betting goals quickly and efficiently.

Exclusive player forecast tools built for an unmatched user experience.


  • Leverage hypothetical scenarios with our groundbreaking Player Effect to prepare fans or bettors for unforeseen events in a given matchup. 
  • Simulate probability outcomes on any Head to Head and propel an interactive experience, optimizing entertainment value.

Tap into Quarter4’s innovative, one-stop-shop that drives successful betting outcomes, retains your audience and ultimately elevates the user experience. All features available through API, ODDS, or Widget format for a seamless integration tailored to your brand.

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