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PreGame Forecast for Game and Players

The pre-game forecast covers team-related aspects like the probability of winning, the expected total score, and the predicted spread. It also includes the historical win-loss record between the two teams. On an individual player level, the forecast provides insights into predicted stats compared to seasonal averages, covering essential statistics like field goals, free throws, three-pointers, points, rebounds, assists, steals, turnovers, and personal fouls. This information equips teams and fans with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect, aiding in better predictions and decisions.

Quarter4 Specialized Player Forecast

🔥 Discover the Hottest Props 🏆
Players who are predicted to have a top performance

💎 Find the Diamonds in the Rough 💎
Players who are predicted to have a breakout game


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Get ahead of the pack with AI driven March Madness brackets – available for Men’s and Women’s tournaments.

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Seasonal Probabilities

Seasonal probabilities* encompass the current win/loss record, giving insight into overall standing in the league. In addition, our platform offers access to the latest predicted seeding and ranking information, meticulously analyzed based on standings and performance metrics, including rank, RPI percentage, win percentage, and opponent win percentage.
*D1 only.

Odds & Markets

Quarter4 now offers 100% automated predictive analysis for seasonal, weekly, and daily fantasy, covering all major US sports, including hockey. It features DraftKings and FanDuel fantasy points rules, including bonus projections. The AI indicates trending players (hot and diamonds-in-the-rough) as well as bonuses. Users can filter by position and by DraftKings or FanDuel to create their own games and integrate the Top 10 projections for quick audience review. 

The Player Effect

Our coveted IP enables your end user to easily turn players on and off in order to anticipate the effects of trades or injuries on the forthcoming game. In a matter of seconds, our simulations generate individual performance forecasts for every team member. Quarter4 stands out as the only data provider delivering such in-depth impact predictions, setting us apart from the competition.


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