Diversity and Inclusivity

Quarter4 is committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse work environment that embraces individuality and collaboration at all levels. We recognize that our diversity – our unique footprint that we individually and collectively bring to work everyday – contributes to building a progressive and experienced team and a leading edge company.

Quarter4 celebrates our differences. Whether this includes age, gender, language, ethnicity, Indigenous origin and/or heritage, physical attributes, sexual orientation, education, social background and culture or other personal assets, our company is committed to the power of diversity.

At Quarter4 we promise to consciously create a safe and progressive employment environment that respects, embraces and values the diversity of our team.

We will:

  • Continue to innovate by strategizing and implementing utilizing multiple perspectives and ideas
  • Ensure that our policies to attract and retain candidates are diversity and inclusivity-forward
  • Ensure that our team and stakeholders are engaged and contributing to Quarter4’s social and economic goals

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is reflected in all levels of our company, beginning with our Board of Directors and Advisory Boards . Diversity is considered in the selection criteria for all new board members and senior management team appointments. Quarter4’s focus on inclusion and diversity aligns with our organization’s core values of progression, transparency, integrity and respect.

If you have any questions about this statement, please contact diversity@quarter4.io



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