We Transform Sports and Betting Data into Engagement Opportunities

Quarter4 automatically produces millions of team, player and markets probabilities every single day. Our specialty is making it easy for sports betting and related businesses to create unique content or specialized data streams with our fully automated deep learning neural network.
Curate our powerful pregame and ingame player and game probabilities with seamless integration and no-code options. The result is endless and unique content and engagement opportunities for affiliates, media, broadcast, streaming technology, daily fantasy and sportsbooks.

Some of our specialized data and no-code features include:


7 days out - Team and Athlete predictions for EVERY player on the team

PreGame Probabilities

24 hour preview of every statistical prediction for team and player

InGame Curated Play-by-Play

What will happen and what did happen?

The Player Effect Model

The impact of a trade or injury on team or each player

Probability Patterns

Unique trends and insights deliver a compelling edge (ie Hottest Props)

Automation, curation and seamless integration.

Quarter4 has been developed by experienced technology teams that value scalable and seamless data. We offer solutions for every organization. Your digital property can be displaying beautiful content within minutes.

API Delivery -
Push and Pull
Feature Layer Integration -
Dynamic Widgets
Dashboard Rapid Search -
Content Creators
Social Media Integration -

The benefits to your business

Reduce time-to-market

Go live in minutes

Non-development options

For smaller teams

Seamless API

Minimizes development time

Support for custom requirements

We make it yours

Our technology and data solutions are specialized for:


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