The NFL Season 2023

Continuously Advancing NFL Predictive Analysis

NFL Dynamic Playoff Bracket

100% Automated

NFL 2023 is near. Drive experiences with Quarter4’s AI.

What will your team be focused on for NFL 2023? AI provides endless data and content opportunities for all of your digital platforms.
  • Engage and retain via OTT – whether it is for sport or betting – use our data
  • Ingame predictions, within milliseconds, are the new expectation on all platforms
  • Personalize content. Curate widgets and data based on your select user groups
  • Narrate the seasonal, pregame and ingame aspects for every, single game

Some of our proprietary data and features

1. PreGame Probabilities (we offer many more!)
  • First team to score a touchdown
  • First team to get an interception
  • First player that will score 1st touchdown?
  • Which player will score the last touchdown?
2. InGame Probabilities (we offer many more!)
  • Projected Win/Loss during game
  • Projected Spread during game
  • Projected Total Touchdowns for Quarterback
  • Projected Total Rushing Yards for Running Back
3. Seasonal and Playoff Projections:
  • Player predicted to win offensive player of  the season
  • Player predicted to win Super Bowl MVP
  • Predicted Divisional Standings
  • Team predicted to win the SuperBowl
4. NEW! Player Predictions with Market Odds
  • Our models now provide PreGame predictions for player props
  • These are delivered with associated pricing values
  • Interactive filters for: Books, Players, Odds conversion format (ie fractional)
5. NEW! Push Alerts:
  • When Quarter4 win/loss model predicts a full switch of the team projected to win
  • Notified when a player is injured during live game

Avatars for the win – elminate risk and cost

Easy-to-Implement Avatars eliminate the need for logos and player pics.
  • New NFL & NCAAF avatars are modern, labeled and blend seamlessly with branding.
  • Eliminate logos from your expenses as these timeless avatars transform your platform.
  • Avatars are available for all teams and players on the roster. No players are left out.

The More NFL the Better

No-Code Widgets for Seasonal Outcomes and Pregame Probabilities will have you ready just in time for kickoff!
  • Storytelling that captivates new audiences with unique data visualization and trajectory. 
  • With a simple copy and paste your dynamic content is live – no coding knowledge required.
  • A one-stop-shop for all NFL key insights, empowering your users to become the experts.

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