Sports are Really Exciting

They are even more exciting when you make smarter bets.

Quarter4 is Here to Predict the Playoffs!

Are you considering betting on the NBA, NHL or NFL?

A great approach includes:

  1. Being passionate about the sport. Bet on what you love.
  2. Learn about the sport. Know the teams, the players and their skills.
  3. Use a non-biased resource, such as Quarter4, to study probability

Quarter4 is a revolutionary artificial intelligence platform that generates thousands of daily predictions called 4Qasts. We combine this with a realtime newsfeed that keeps you up-to-date on anything to do with NBA, NHL as well as NFL (coming soon).

Quickly filter the feed

No more endless lines of stats. Hashtag your way to a prop prediction, an injury update or a team profile in just seconds. Your dashboard remembers your faves.

Predictions for everyone

Are you a curious bettor just learning the ropes, or a superfan who wants all the details? Use our 4Qasts to boost your confidence when making picks!

Accuracy is our specialty

We are an Artificial Intelligence platform that uses the cleanest data available. Models are proprietary and predicting above 70% this season.

Want to keep up to date?

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