The Quarter4 GamePlan During COVID-19

We are sending our thoughts to you and your loved ones at this unbelievable time. A time that would feel much less daunting if we had live sports. We know how difficult this has been for all businesses, especially those that are dependent on live sports. Add being a start-up and the light at the end of the tunnel seems very far away.

At Quarter4, we are more determined than ever, to become the industry’s most advanced betting resource. We have deployed the new version of our amazing platform, that was ready for MarchMadness 2020. We have backdated our data to March 4, 2020, so that you can experience all of the changes that we have made. When the games are back on, we will be ready to go, with the best data in the industry.

New Platform Announcements:

  1. We are integrating NHL predictions and they will be ready for the season (whenever that maybe). We will now be predicting your favourite hockey athlete and team performances!
  2. Be sure to watch the demo – to see our new platform in action.
  3. Add your name to our email list and we will update you once we are back in play!
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