The only end-to-end AI data solution that powers the entire sports fan and bettor journey.

from seasonal to micromarkets...

The only end-to-end AI data solution that powers the entire sports fan and bettor journey.

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Current Active Leagues

The NFL Season 2023

Continuously Advancing NFL Predictive Analysis

College Football: A Gamechanger for 2023/24

Data That Really Stands Out

The Quarter4 Fantasy Suite

Drive Higher Conversion and Retention

March Madness

Capture one of the largest betting and most engaged audiences of the year with the dynamic AI powered bracket.

MicroMarkets & Live Data

The gateway to realtime analysis and microbetting


Ready to Engage with AI.

We give our clients the power of AI in minutes. Dynamic and differentiated predictive analysis has never been so simple to implement. Copy and paste our widget feature set or push and pull with the Quarter4 API. Our predictive data and content is available to our partners in multiple ways. Customize the look and feel without coding knowledge or build and curate with our powerful API. The future of audience engagement is as easy as 1-2-3.


Endless Probabilities

Our Artificial Intelligence platform delivers multiple predictive data points for every player, every team and every game. From Seasonal outcomes to play-by-play analysis, Quarter4 intelligence can be utilized by bettors, fans, pricing specialists or content creators to improve accuracy, educate audiences, build loyalty and establish expertise. Sportsbooks, media, technology and fantasy platforms use probabilities to fine tune and peak interest. Our API drives curation with endless filter and combination options.


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