QUARTER4 selected to pitch at ice London, the largest international igaming conference featuring latest innovations in online gaming market


WATERLOO,ON | JANUARY 22, 2020 – Quarter4 is excited to announce today that it has been selected to pitch at ICE London 2020, the world’s largest iGaming conference showcasing the latest in Gaming innovation across all sectors. Quarter4 will participate in a 15 minute pitch demonstrating its cutting-edge sports prediction platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to accurately predict team and athlete metrics for the purpose of making smarter bets.

Quarter4 was one of 20 companies selected to pitch at the three day conference, which will welcome over 35,000 attendees from over 150 countries, eager to build new business and partnership opportunities.

“This is such an exciting opportunity for our rapidly growing company,” said Kelly Brooks, CEO, President and co-founder of Quarter4. “The evolution of sports betting in North America and across the world is opening up a new frontier for startups in the space and Quarter4 will be at the forefront of this digital transformation.”

Pitch ICE offers an opportunity for gaming startups to debut their companies at the show and present them to the global gaming industry. It provides a gateway to industry investors and strategic partners, enabling startups to forge key financial and professional relationships. Following the pitch presentations, many start-ups have secured substantial investments and acquisition partners.

“With so many companies eager to pitch at ICE London, the selection process is tough,” said Ewa Bakun, content strategist for the event organizer, Clarion Gaming. “We are very impressed by Quarter4’s unique offering and the opportunities it provides to both investors and members of the Gaming community and look forward to watching this company revolutionize the sports betting industry.”

Using a distinctive algorithm, Quarter4’s sports prediction platform boasts an unprecedented 74 percent accuracy rate. The algorithm is able to quickly cut through the numbers and provide fast and precise analysis of game outcomes and player performances. It also considers the intangibles that are so vital to sports, including team chemistry, year-over-year performance, momentum shifts over the course of a season and notable news stories involving players or coaches.

Quarter4’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning also ensures that the prediction is non-bias, which is a challenge that traditional sports analysts face when presenting their game and player predictions. The platform is currently built for users to place bets on NBA games or fantasy picks. Quarter4 will be extending its offerings in 2020 to include NCAA basketball and football, and additional sports.

“Our innovative, data driven formula is sure to maximize users’ earnings by allowing them to place more informed bets,” said Danijela Covic, Chief Sales Officer and co-founder of Quarter4. “Encouraged by the support of ICE London and Clarion Gaming, we are confident that Quarter4 will be the go-to sports prediction platform for millions of fantasy players and bettors worldwide.”

Quarter4 has incorporated voice technology by Google Assistant to allow users to find out how teams or athletes are expected to perform through their Google Home devices, smartphones or in their vehicles.

ICE London will be taking place from February 4 to 6 at ExCel London, United Kingdom. It will include panels of expert speakers, networking events, pitch sessions and much more.


Quarter4 is an easy-to-use, online predictive sports platform that incorporates proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, as well as voice technology, to determine the probability of wins/losses and player vs. player outcomes in just minutes. The company empowers fantasy players, bettors and superfans to place more informed bets.

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