Quarter4 Ramps Up for Return to Play

July 7, 2020 – On July 31, 2020, Quarter4 will have predictions once again! As soon as the skates hit the ice for the first NHL game and the shoes squeak loudly on the NBA courts, the AI predictions will be running 24-7.

Kelly Brooks, President of Quarter4, knew they had to accelerate during the downtime. “We refer to COVID-19 as the COVID curveball. As a start-up, we had to dig deep and quickly figure out our response. We have integrated NHL and have customized our AI modelling for the NBA and NHL return-to-play scenarios. We are pumped to relaunch.”

Additionally, Quarter4 has switched their data provider to SportRadar and they have brought on a social media army to prep for the return of sports. Brooks says, “During the next few months, all Quarter4 accounts are free. This will allow all users to enjoy the product and the new features, at no cost, during this unique time.”

Quarter4 has also officially released their B2B integration services.

Danijela Covic, CSO of Quarter4, is leading the business partnership side. “Through a sports outage, not only did we revamp our platform, we also introduced our B2B service offering. With multiple proven successful integrations, our business partners now have access to our unique predictive data, unique content, detailed analytics and modern user interface. We are looking forward to working with them during this exciting return-to-play time, when fan and user engagement is critical.”


Quarter4 is an easy-to-use, online predictive sports platform that incorporates proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, as well as voice technology, to determine the probability of wins/losses and player vs. player outcomes in just minutes. The company empowers fantasy players, bettors and superfans to place more informed bets.

Website: https://quarter4.io
Facebook: @Quarter4.io
Twitter: @Quarter4.io
Instagram: @Quarter4.io

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