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PreGame Predictions: Game

Allure your betting audience and sport fans with exceptional detail. Team and player predictive insights go deep into these details including; Total Projected Points,  Total Field Goals Made, Free Throws Made, Total Points, Personal Fouls and more.

PreGame Predictions: Hitters

Due to the nature of player statistics in baseball, not every player is guaranteed to receive a predicted value for a stat in every game. We have addressed this by offering either a probability percentage or a numerical prediction based on the stat type. The result is more predictive data and content for your audience.

Where values are not percentages but numerical, they represent an expected value for the stat. For example, when Quarter4 data presents a pitcher with a predicted value of 15 Outs pitched for a game, that is the expected value derived from our AI modeling.

NBA Injury Impact

PreGame Predictions: Pitchers

When values are represented as a percentage they indicate the overall probability of achieving at least 1 or more within that associated stat category. For example, a hit (H) value of 70% represents the likelihood the player will achieve at least 1 hit in the next outing/game.

Odds & Markets

  • Quarter4 predicted points difference (spread)
  • Quarter4 predicted game total score
  • Top Books’ spread within 24 hours of game
  • Top Books’ game total score within 24 hours of game

Season Seed

Seasonal forecasting offers a comprehensive view, including the current win/loss record going into the next game, predicted seeding and ranking information based on standings and performance, as well as forecasts for the team’s seeding in the league, both if they win and if they lose the next game.

Expected Value Betting

Projecting the probability distribution for upcoming player statistics, the AI determines the expected value on market prop lines. Use it to build confidence in your users for prop betting as well as for fantasy players. The star-rating system provides an at-a-glance option for both mobile and desktop audiences.


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