Quarter4 is Here to Predict the Playoffs!

Sports are finally back! At Quarter4, we have created something just for you. You can easily create your own predictions for the 2020 NBA Return to Play regular season. Keep them for yourself or share with others.

It is easy, fun and free and powered by Quarter4's Artificial Intelligence technology.

Step 1.
Go to dashboard.quarter4.io/nba/bracket to set up your account (or access your account if you already have one)
Step 2.
Make and Save Your Picks - select the team that YOU think will win per matchup
Step 3.
Download and Share - to demonstrate your skills and make some bets

Your freemium account gives you access to these amazing features.

  • NBA and NHL game and player predictions - return-to-play scenarios
  • Customized NBA and NHL predictive brackets - return-to-play championship formats

Your account will also give you access to the following:

  • Game-to-game Player Predictions - Props for the win!
  • Team vs Team Game Predictions - Including Over/Under, Spread and Win/Loss
  • Up-to-date Injury Reporting - Who’s in and who’s out?
  • Predictions Newsfeed - Customize via hashtags
  • Prediction Results at-a-Glance - How did we do?
  • Player Profiles - Take a deep dive into individual stats
  • Team Profiles - Review records and standings